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Auto parts companies listed this year attract attention

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In China's capital market, companies gather IPOs and want to have a place. However, the current status is that there are more queues, fewer passes, more SMEs, and fewer large enterprises. Even if the company can successfully pass the review of the China Securities Regulatory Commission's Issuance Review Committee, it may not be able to develop smoothly after listing. According to statistics, the market performance of nine auto parts companies that successfully listed this year has been mixed.

Huamao Technology, Beite Technology, Pengling shares have maintained rapid growth in revenue and net profit since their listing this year. Operating income in the first three quarters increased by 25.59%, 21.93%, and 12.11%, respectively, and net profit increased by 18.1%, 15.48%, and 22.19%. Huamao Technology was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on September 26. It is one of the few domestic auto parts suppliers whose main products are airbag fabrics and airbags. Since domestic demand for airbags has maintained a rapid growth, Therefore, the development prospects of Chinachem Technology are also optimistic about investors.

In the first three quarters, Lianming ’s operating income was 343 million yuan, an increase of 15.56%. Due to the same large increase in operating costs, its net profit was only 49.95 million yuan, an increase of 2.06% year-on-year. Lianming mainly produces automotive stamping parts and products The scope covers most body skeleton components. For a long time, Lianming has maintained communication and cooperation with Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center and other enterprises and research units to continuously improve stamping and welding technology. At present, the company's customers include Shanghai GM, GM Dongyue, GM Beisheng, SAIC Commercial Vehicle and Shanghai Volkswagen and so on.

Kangyue Technology and Yueling's performance in the first three quarters was basically flat compared with the previous year. Kang Yue Technology officially landed on the domestic capital market on August 1. With the stable cooperation of its major customers, the operating income in the first three quarters reached 178 million yuan and the net profit was 20.35 million yuan. , Engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, ships, generator sets and other fields. In the first three quarters, Yueling's revenue was 614 million yuan and its net profit was 78.06 million yuan. It mainly produces aluminum alloy wheels. Compared with other listed wheel suppliers, Yueling's over-reliance on exports is bound to bear more risks. It is reported that Yueling's share of Russia's export revenue alone accounts for about 30% of its revenue. Dengyun's net profit in the first three quarters fell more severely, down 37.35% year-on-year to only 15.23 million yuan. According to the report, although the demand of Dengyun's gasoline engine customer Kohler and other companies has increased rapidly, due to the small size and low price of gasoline engine valve specifications, the overall price and gross profit have been lowered in the short term. On the other hand, during the reporting period, the difficulty in recruiting workers caused a temporary shortage of labor resources, the company's production capacity was not effectively utilized, and the scale of production and sales failed to increase effectively.

Just before the reporter's deadline, another auto parts company went public. On November 27th, Fuda shares landed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, opening soared 43.97%, the closing price of the day was 8.35 yuan. Fuda is mainly engaged in the production of auto parts such as engine forged steel crankshafts, automotive clutches, and automotive spiral bevel gears. In the first half of this year, the operating income was approximately 643 million yuan, and the operating profit was 53.9485 million yuan. Its customers include Yuchai, Dongfeng Cummins, Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles, Shaanxi Heavy Duty Truck, SAIC Iveco Hongyan, Dongfeng Liuqi, Anhui Hualing, Shanghai Hino, Dongfeng Passenger Vehicle, BYD, Geely, Great Wall, JAC and other dozens of engines , Commercial vehicle and passenger car companies.

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