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How do we maintain car interiors?

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Introduction: I have introduced to you how to protect the car paint. We can use the color-changing film or invisible car clothing. Then the appearance is well maintained, and how to maintain the car interior. Today we will talk about this topic.

The application of invisible car clothing is actually very extensive. The car paint surface can be applied as well as the car interior. When you buy a new car, everyone wants to take good care of it. It's best to keep it the same as when you bought it a few years later. Now we can achieve permanent protection by attaching invisible car clothing.

1. Let ’s first take a look at where can be protected with invisible car clothing

The central control part of the car. The merchants all have a complete set of tailored special vehicles. According to the model of the car, the film will be cut with the engraving machine. The technician only needs to directly install the good hole position, eliminating the risk of disassembly. Door panel, step side. I don't know if you have had this kind of experience. It took a few days after I bought the new car. The pedals and door panels were the most likely to be rubbed with dirt. I wish I wanted to be as bright and new as possible every day, without taking up a little dust. This problem can be solved very well now. It is enough to stick a layer of invisible car clothing without wiping back and forth. Invisible car clothing can be attached to all the mahogany trims and lacquered areas in the car. The peach wood decoration usually needs a lot of money to install, and it is not easy to take care of after installation. Then put a layer of invisible car clothing to "seal" him. Not only can it prevent scratches, but also has a brightening function. The interior car paint is the same.

2. What are the functions of interior protection?

Remove at any time, leaving no residual glue, the interior is brightened, and the interior surface is protected for a long time. It is isolated from the outside after installation, and is scratch-proof and dust-proof. The TPU material is resistant to high temperature, does not change color, protects against UV, air corrosion, and slows down the aging of the interior. The invisible car body comes with a repair function, which can reduce the occurrence of scratches. Effectively prevent all kinds of wear and scratches.

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